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    How many batches are available? Top^
       4 Batches are Available.
    What are the eligibility criteria to join the "wed development" course ? Top^
      MCA , M.Sc (Comp), B.E, B.Tech, M.Tech,Diploma in Computer, BCA, B.Sc(IT), M.Sc(IT).
    What kind of certification will be provided? Top^
      Trainee Employee Certificate from Monarch Institute of Information Technology
    What is the duration of the course and how it splits? Top^
      »  Daily 1hr of theory class and 1hr for Practical.
»   practice with the help of existing employees / lab assistants and Internet.
»  Computer provided to each and every trainee.
»  Exams will be conducted for in every 15 days or 30 days.
»  Online Ref. and Own Favorites / book marks facilities.
    What are the advantages & benefits of this training? Top^


»  This training will give lot of clarity of the subject and practical knowledge which will make the candidate face interviews confidently compared to others.
»  After having a practical experience of 2-3 months working with the existing employees in the organization, your confidence levels will increase.
»  When you go for a new job with our Trainee Experience Certificate, we believe there will be bright chances of you getting a job.


The Training Fee Includes Rs. 7000/- worth of Domain Name and hosting for PHP / MySQL / ASP / .Net / MS SQL Support. Normally all services won't come in one hosting package.We have special package for trainees wherein they can have all the technical environments at one place instead of purchasing multiple server spaces at different places.This domain and hosting will be valid for one year which can used as a referral for your works which you can get it renewed. All your works can be displayed in your portfolio which you can show at the time of interviews on your own website.

    What are the syllabuses covered in PHP? Top^
      »  PHP Basics
»  Flow Control
»  Arrays
»  PHP and HTML Forms
»  String Manipulation
»  Reusing Code and Writing Functions
»  Simple SELECTs
»  Inserting, Updating and Deleting Records
»  Authentication with PHP and SQL
»  Regular Expressions
»  Sending Email with PHP
»  File System Management
    What are the syllabuses covered in MY SQL? Top^
      »  MySQL Database Training Outline
»  Installing MySQL
»  MySQL Programs and Executables
»  User Interfaces MySQL
»  Designing Databases
»  Creating Databases and Components
»  Identifiers in MySQL
»  Basic Select Statements
»  Using Expressions in MySQL Statements
»  Inserting, Updating and Deleting Records in MySQL
»  Exporting and Importing Data in MySQL
»  Conclusion
    What are the syllabuses covered in .Net? Top^
      »  ASP.NET and .NET Framework
»  Using the Standard Controls
»  Using the Validation Controls
»  Using the Rich Controls
»  Designing ASP.NET Websites
»  Performing Data Access
»  Using the Grid View Control
»  Using the Repeater Data List and Datagrid Controls
»  Mailing through ASP.net
    What are the syllabuses covered in MSSQL? Top^
      »  Installing MSSQL
»  Designing Databases
»  Introduction to SQL Server
»  DDL ( Data Definition Language )
»  DML ( Data Manipulation Language )
»  DCL ( Data Control Language )
»  TCL
»  Exporting and importing DTS
    What are the facilities provided in this training? Top^
      »  Computer provided to each and every trainee.
»  Online Ref. and Own Favorites / book marks facilities.
    Which are the web development courses available in this training? Top^
      Latest Web technologies like
PHP, MY SQL, SQL Server 2005, ASP.Net